Atago-jinja shrine / meet lucky white cat (Tokyo)

Atago-jinja shrine
Atago-jinja Shrine is located at the top of Mt. Atago, 26 meters above sea level

The cat seems to be living in a shrine. There was a bed and food at the back

"Stone stairway of the future"(Shusseno ishidan)

Once upon a time in the past, Shogun(General) Ikuyasu Tokugawa said that "Somebody climbs this stairs with horses and picks up plum blossoms in the shrine"

There was no one to do such a dangerous thing

Everyone was afraid that time, an equestrian horseman named Heikuro Magaki offered to go up the stairs with a horse.

As a result, there is a legend that Heikuro, praised for equestrianism by Tokugawa Ieyasu, Hirakuro became famous throughout the country.

The object of worship in a Shinto shrine : Homusubinomikoto(God of fire)
Visitor fee : Free
Access : It takes 5 minutes from the Kamiyacyo station on foot, 
              or 8 minitues from the Toranomon station
              or 8 minitues from the Onarimon station
Benefit : Fire prevention, fire prevention, disaster prevention Printing
                computer related Business success Love, marriage
Address:〒105-0002 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Atago, 1 Chome−5
Map :


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