Go around Kamakura city / Recommended spots (Kanagawa prefecture)

Kamakura city
Kamakura city ,Kanagawa Prefecture a tourist attraction in Japan This city is a fascinating place full of history and a new sense

I introduces shrine and temples of Kamakura this time in several times.

I walked the spot below in one day , Walking distance 34.13km / 47,807 steps.
It's very hard for me!!  If you visit at Kamakura , you should stay 2 days. 

1. Tsurugaokahachimangu shrine

2. Yasakaookami shrine 
3. Juhuku-ji temple
4. Jochiji temple (The video under production) 
5. Zeniaraibenten ugahuku-jinja shrine (The video under production) 
6. Engaku-ji temple (The video under production)
7. Meigethuin temple (The video under production) 
8. Kencho-ji temple (The video under production) 
9. Shirahata-jinja shrine (The video under production) 
10. Egaratenjinsya shrine (The video under production) 
11. Kamakuraguu shrine (The video under production) 
12. Sugimoto-dera temple (The video under production) 

First, I will briefly introduce the history of Kamakura. The history of Kamakura is very old, and it seems that people started living in Kamakura more than 10,000 years ago.

by Kamakura Rekishi Bunka Koryukan

 In 1063, Minamoto Yoritoshi is warlord who moved Tsuruokawakamiya (Progress in Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine).
 Natural fortress surrounded by mountains and the sea seems to be suitable for war .

At the end of the 12th century, Minamotono Yoritomo is warlord destroyed Heishi(One of the two major powers of local warriors) in the Genpeinotatakai battle. 

And opened "Bakuhu"(the Shogunate) in Kamakura. 

Minamotono Yoritomo who opened the Shogunate began creating cities in Kamakura.

The Shogunate is in its heyday, Kamakura is in politics and culture, etc.
 It has become the center of Japan in all respects.

Trading with China was also actively conducted, Around that time The construction of Daibutsu(big buddha) and the construction of Kencyo-ji such as Engaku-ji. 

The Kamakura Shogunate was destroyed in 1333 by Yoshisada Nitta Then Kamakura slowly faded away and became a farming and fishing village.

 In the late 17th century, Mitsukuni Tokugawa who is a master of the Edo period, visited Kamakura, And he has been introduced in a local magazine (an article explaining the sight) called "Shinpnen kamakurashi" .  It seems that the tourist destination of Kamakura has begun slowly. 

When the Yokosuka Line was opened in 1889, it became popular as a beach place(Enoshima) and a villa site.

Kamakura has many disasters However,
it has been revived each time and is now full of 20 million visitors a year. 
by Kamakura Rekishi Bunka Koryukan

Kamakura city that protects and evolves with history. 
Everyone, please come to Kamakura!



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