Hotoku Ninomiya-jinja shrine / Takanori Ninomiya is great man(Kanagawa prefecture)

Hotoku Ninomiya-jinja shrine

This shrine is worshiped Takanori Ninomiya who is one of most famous japanese.There are many things to learn from his words.

At the back of Odawara Castle is Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine.

It is worshiped here It is Ninomiya Takanori, a farmer / thinker. In Japan it is popular for the nickname Kinjiro

It is a beautiful and quiet shrine

Takanori Ninomiya(Kinjiro) 
Kimjiro took moral teaching that taught morality and economics together and carried out his own virtues, goods, and economy.We rebuilt more than 600 towns and villages, such as rebuilding the old and Hattori families, restoring the poor village.

The object of worship in a Shinto shrine :Takanori Ninomiya
Visitor fee : Free
Access : It takes 15 minutes from the Odawara station on foot
Benefit : Scholarship
Address :
Map :


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