Saijo-ji temple, you can see Tengu.(Kanagawa prefecture)

Saijoji temple

Saijoji is a famous temple in Minamiashigara, Kanagawa Prefecture.

There is a Tengu legend here.

There are many legends about Tengu in Japan,In the case of Saijouji,When Mr. Doryo's teacher establishes Saijouji Temple,A very famous monk who named Mr.Doryo.

Mr. Doryo became a Tengu figure, And He Using virtuous power.

Fill the deep valley, Lift the rock.
He helped in the construction of the temple.

Here Kongousuidou, It is one of its legends When Doryousan was digging a well,
he dug out a steel mark from the ground This is Kongousuidou when he withdraws the iron mark, 
water springs up.  It is said that you will heal when you drink this water

It is a training place where the monk practiced zazen day and night

Saijoji is very large and has many sights.You need a lot of time to see everything, but it's worth it!
It is a wonderful temple that you can enjoy anywhere you go.

Visitor fee : Free
Access : It takes 21 minutes from Odawara station to Daiyuzan station by train and takes 10 minutes from Daiyuzan station to Doryoson bus stop by bus.
Address :
Map :


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