Sankakutenjinsya shrine / meet god of academics in japan(Kanagawa prefecture)

Sankakutenjinsya shrine

This shrine is worshiped Michizane Sugawara who is called "god of academics" by Japanese.

There are many unknown about the creation of this shrine

The Saisen box is in the shrine. It seems to be anti-crime measure. Japan is safe compared to other countries,But a shrine with few people needs such measures.

Michizane Sugawara
He is called Tenzin-san.He is a very talented person who played a great part in politics, But he was driven out of the political circle by people who were jealous of his talent. And Michizane was brought up in unfortunate circumstances After the death of Michizane Various misfortune has happened in the capital. People rumored that this was a fault of Michizane.
 A shrine was created to quell the Michizane's spirit, it was called Tenjin-san. A shrine that worships him is the origin that began to nationwide.

The object of worship in a Shinto shrine : Michizane Sugawara
Visitor fee : Free
Access : It takes 17 minutes from the Odawara station on foot
Benefit : Scholarship
Address : 〒250-0013 Kanagawa-ken, Odawara-shi, Minamichō, 1 Chome−5−37
Map :


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