Tsurugaokahachimangu-shrine / used to be the center of Japanese politics(Kanagawa prefecture)


First of all when you come to Kamakura want to visit. It is Tsurugaokahachimangu-shrine
which used to be the center of Japanese politics.

Why should we go first at there? 
Because it is simply crowded if you don't go early. 

am 8:00

pm 4:00

Walk from Kamakura Station in the direction of Komachi Street for about 5 minutes and you will see the Nino Torii(Second Torii).

It is fun to walk that is called “Dankazura” ,The approach slightly higher than the road.

”Dankazura” was built by General Minamotono Yoritomo who wish his wife's safe birth.
It is a private reason that can not be considered in the present age,  but it is no problem because “Dankazura” became a great tourist attraction now.

I saw the Sanno Torii(Third Torii),which is smaller than the Nino Torii(Second Torii).

This seems to have had a military aim to show the main hall a long way in the approach in perspective.

About the origin from which Tsurugaokahachimangu-shrine Shrine was built.

In 1063 It is said that the beginning of Tsurugaokahachimangu Shrine is when the source Minamotono Yoriyoshi of the samurai who divided and worship the Shinto-god of Iwashimizuhachimangu Shrine in Kyoto to Yuigahama beach in Kamakura.
※Shinto god can be divided infinitely in Shinto. There is no effect on the original god spirit
The divided spirits work the same as the original spirits.

At first there was no shrine near Kamakura Station.

In 1180 Yoritomo who is descendant of Yoriyoshi,He was relocated shrine to the present location.

In addition, Yoritomo set up events at the Tsurugaokahachimangu-shrin, such as “Sumo” and “Bugaku”, and made as the center of Kamakura cultural development
※ There are various theories, please note

The Hachimangu shrine's “八" represents the opposing shape of the pigeon.
This seems to be due to the fact that the angel of Hachiman God's lord is a pigeon. 

Looking back, the approach extends straight to the shore.

Tsurugaokahachimangu Shrine is still the center of Kamakura culture as the Source of Yoritomo wanted.

The object of worship in a Shinto shrine : Oujintenno, Himegami, Jingukogo
Visitor fee : Free
Access : It takes 10 minutes from the Kamakura station on foot
Benefit : Luck, Work luck, Career, marriage
Address:〒248-8588 Kanagawa, Kamakura-shi, Yukinoshita, 2 Chome−1-31
Map :


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