Yasakaookami / Soumatenno (Kanagawa prefecture)

Yasakaookami shrine

Yasakaookami is near Jyuhuku-ji temple.


It was also called "Soumatenno" because it was built(Kanjo"勧請") in 1192 by Souma Morotsune. Kanjo(勧請) is Transferring a separated spirit from one shrine to another.

This shrine has been relocated several times. First A rock cave near Abikizizo in the back mountain of Jokomyo-ji temple. Next Move to near Jyuhuku-ji temple And last moved to the current location. It was renamed Yasakaookami by the Shinbutubunrirei(row) Meijiishin.

It is a religious policy that separates God and Buddha.Some areas have led to extreme destruction, and many precious temples have been destroyed.

The object of worship in a Shinto shrine : Susanoonomikoto, Kanmutenno, Kuzuharashinno, Takamochiou,
Visitor fee : Free
Access : It takes 8 minutes from the Kamakura station on foot
Benefit : Protect the Ougigatani
Address:〒248-0011 Kanagawa, Kamakura-shi, Ougigatani, 1 Chome−13-45
Map :


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