Jochi-ji temple / Juhuku-ji temple is one of Kamakuragosan(Kanagawa prefecture)

Jouchi-ji temple / 浄智寺 

Juhuku-ji temple is one of Kamakuragosan(鎌倉五山).
Jochi-ji temple is covered with rich greenery that is designated as a National Historic Site.

 The old stone bridge in front of the entrance, There is "Kanronoi"(甘露ノ井) which is one of the top 10 delicious water field at Kamakura(鎌倉十井). Long time ago we could drink some delicious water in there, now we can't it.

About "Kamakura Jissei"(鎌倉十井)
It was said that Kamakura's water wasn't good taste, because there is sea near the Kamakura and the drinking water was effected by the solt of sea water. However, Among all water field, the best 10 in kamakura is called "Kamakura Jissei" and "Kamakura Gomeisui". 

but there are not field that we can drink them now.

This is main hall. Dongeden(曇華殿) name come from Udonge's(優曇華) flower. The flower has legend that blooms onece in 3,000 years.

Sansebutu(三世仏) built in the Muromachi period, Amida / Syaka / Miroku from the left. Each Buddha statue expresses the past, present and future. 

There is Hoteison(布袋尊) of Shichihukujin(七福神) in the cave at temple. It seems that there is a benefit that your mind and body will be healthy if you touch a Hoteisont's stomach.

"Shichihukujin" is believed since ancient times as seven gods of fortune  

Hoteison is God of Good luck, Good relationship and be blessed with children. 

The temple in the mountain is magnificent and had many sights.

Sect : Rinzaisyu Enkakuji-ha
Visitor fee : 200yen
Access : It takes 6 minutes from the Kitakamakura station on foot
Address:1402 Yamanouchi, Kamakura, Kanagawa 247-0062, Japan
Map :


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