Juhuku-ji temple / The most beautiful cobblestone in Kamakura(Kanagawa prefecture)

Juhuku-ji temple / 寿福寺 

Juhuku-ji temple is one of "Kamakuragosan"(鎌倉五山).

Kamakuragosan is to set five high-class temples. 
No.1 Kencho-ji temple(建長寺)
No.2 Enkaku-ji temple(円覚寺)
No.3 Juhuku-ji temple(寿福寺)
No.4 Jouchi-ji temple(浄智寺)
No5. Jomyo-ji temple(浄妙寺)

The temple was established by Minamotono Yoritomo's wife Masako Hojo(北条政子) in 1200. She invited Eizai, Eizai have introduced Rinzaisyuu(One of sect)

Masako Hojo(北条政子)
After the death of Yoritomo, She was called "尼将軍"(Nun General) and reigned in the Kamakura Shogunate. Masako is one of the most famous female politicians in Japan.

Myouan Eisai(明庵栄西
Eisai is the founder of Rinzaisyuu(One of sect) who is a monk in the early Kamakura period. He went to Sou (one of the dynasty of China) and when he returned, he brought back some tea from China. He spread the habit of drinking tea to Japan cluture.

Haiku Post This mail box can post Haiku(俳句) to contest of haiku everybady. 
There are some mail boxs installed in Kamakura city. 
 Let's post everyone! 

Haiku is Japanese poetry comprising 17 syllables. Masaoka Shiki is a haiku poet who was perfected and established the style in the Meiji period.

 "The most beautiful cobblestone in Kamakura". We can see to entrance in the public day. 
The day of the special release We can go inside. 

Another highlight is "Kiritooshi"(切通し) that place is near from Juhufuku-ji temple to Kamakura Station.

Road which we cut through mountains, hills 

I think Juhuku-ji temple is less crowded than other temples so you can enjoy it slowly. 

Sect : Rinzaisyu Kenchoji-ha
Visitor fee : Free(to the entrance)
Access : It takes 15 minutes from the Kamakura station on foot
Address:1 Chome-17-7 Ogigayatsu, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0011, Japan
Map :

Japanese tips
April.1.2019  Reiwa(令和)
Japanese new era was announced by government! It's big news!


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