Zeniaraibenzaiten ugahuku-jinja shrine / increase money if you wash it (Kanagawa prefecture)

Zeniaraibenzaiten ugahuku-jinja shrine
 / 銭洗弁財天宇賀福神社 

This shrine has a legend story that is increase money if you wash money at water of Zeniaraibenten. 

There is a course I want to recommend for those who are confident in one's leg strength.
That is “Kesyozaka kiritoshi” (化粧坂切通し)course.
Kiritooshi(切通し) Road which we cut through mountains or hills.

The way(Kiritoshi) leads to the area of ​​Musashi directions (Tokyo and Saitama) as a main entrance, it had an important meaning in Kamakura's defense.


The slope was slippery and uneven to prevent passing horse. It is a slope of about 80m.

If you are not confident in your leg strength or the weather is bad, this course can not be recommended.

Use another some course or a using bus or taxi. Even taxi from Kamakura Station can go for 730yen. (※ fee is varies depending on traffic conditions)

Source by "taxisite" https://www.taxisite.com/ 

This is entrance of Zeniaraibenzaiten ugahuku-jinja shrine(銭洗弁財天宇賀福神社).


It is said that Shogun Minamotono Yoritomo(源頼朝) built the shrine,  because he get a revelation in a dream saying  "If the deities and Buddhas are served with the water of this place, the world will be settled down to peace."
After that, it is reported that the confusion in japan has been settled.

Give an example of how to wash money.

1.Wash your hands at the water box(手水舎)

2.Purchase a set of colander, candle and incense sticks (100 yen) at the shrine office.

3.Light the candle and incense sticks candle and set the candle nearby.

4.Incense sticks are placed in the back of the fragrant table(線香台)

5.Go inside the cave.

6.Let's have a visiting at “Okumiya”(奥宮) on the right. 

7.Put in your money in the colander. And pour 3 cups of water on your money and cleanse. 
   The place is dark, it is better to prepare money in advance.
   I found out later that It seems to be effective, just by putting a little water on money.
   I spent water too much.    My desire is too strong...

8.wipe it using your handkerchief. 
 It is a violation of manners to dry money with smoke and candle fire.

9.Return the colander to the box

It seems that happiness comes when you use it rather than you saving it.
Within the precincts of Zeniaraibenzaiten. Let's look at other power spots.

Shichifuku-jinja  / 七福神社

Shimonomizu-jinja / 下之水神社

Kaminomizu-jinja / 上之水神社

Zeniaraibenzaiten is a little away from the station, It is also fun as a walking course!

The object of worship in a Shinto shrine
 Honmiya : Ichikishimahime-no-mikoto       
 Okamiya : Ugajin(Benzaiten)
Visitor fee : entrance free , candle and incense sticks 100 yen 
Benefit : Economic wealth, Luck of the game
Access : 
 It takes 20 minutes from "the Kitakamakura station" on foot  
      It takes 5 minutes from "the Genjiyamairiguchi bus stop" on foot
   Address:2Chome-25-16 Sasuke, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0017, Japan
Map :


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