Okubo shrine in Odawara / Kanagawa prefecture

Okubo shrine  大久保神社 
Okubo Shrine just up the hill from Odawara Castle.

This stair is not hard.

The shrine was under renovation. I was able to talk to the engineer who was working on the construction. He said that the typhoon in 2018 broke the rooftop part and was destroyed.

However, small shrines like Okubo Shrine have no money to repair
This repair took a long time to repair because it was covered by insurance money.

Construction is already completed. Please visit 

Visitor fee : entrance free 
Access : 
 It takes 10 minutes from "the Odawara station" on foot  
   Address:3Chome-27-7 Shiroyama, Odawara, Kanagawa 250-0045, Japan
Map :


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